Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ice skating lessons

There is so much to love about Bridget. She is funny, has a kind heart, is creative, and loving. But an athlete she isn't. We first found this out last year when she attempted soccer and my suspicions were confirmed after the first day of skating lessons.

That being said, she is loving her skating lessons. I was a little concerned after the first class (her pants were wet, her gloves were too big and she was cold). My girl is a fair weather participant in most things (like her mother) so when the conditions weren't perfect, we are unhappy.

The second skating lesson was much more successful. She had on jeans, good gloves and a coat - life was warm and much better. She's doing lessons at the Ice Sheet in Murray with Paige and both girls are having a lot of fun. She's a little unsure on the ice but each week she makes amazing progress. I love that she hasn't given up and that she keeps trying (with a little pushing from me).

Chillin' on the ice, waiting for the lesson to start.
Paige is doing so good! She zips around the ice with her buddy and loves it. These walkers are hilarious! The girls (especially Bridget) look like senior citizens pushing around the ice.

Helping hands are always great on the ice. I love the cute relationship these two stinkers have.
We're three lessons in and Bridget likes it more and more. Maybe she's found a sport she will like and be good at. Time will tell!

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